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Wardrobe Moving Boxes
Published on Tuesday, 05 June 2012

Wardrobe Moving BoxesPacking your belongings for a move is more or less a straightforward process. Certain packing tips apply to most items and there are only few possessions which require specific care and extra safety. Most solid items can be wrapped or packed in carton boxes, carried and loaded into the moving truck. People usually think that clothing is durable enough to survive the whole process of packing, transport and unpacking, but actually there is a certain way to protect your clothes during relocation. You could, of course, put all your clothing items in boxes, but wouldn't you be a little bit reluctant to do that with more expensive pieces of wear? It could be an expensive suit, shirts or dresses. If you have paid a lot for a piece of wear, you wouldn't want to just roll it and throw it in just about any box. If you are relocating to a place where you need to start work immediately, the last thing you need is a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed or any damaged pieces of clothing. Most people leave their clothes on hangers and put them at the back of the moving truck, but this often causes unexpected surprises after unloading. Folding some designer pieces just doesn't seem right. Same goes for weddings dresses or tuxedos. If you are travelling long-distance, you need to think of ways to keep your clothing as intact as possible. The best solution is to have wardrobe moving boxes. These specially designed boxes look like small portable closets. You can find different sizes, depending on your needs, but the typical ones are 24x24x40 inches. The convenience is that there are metal bars inside which you can use the way you use them with a real closet - simply hang your clothes inside. This way you avoid all the hassle of folding, packing and wrapping. You can simply unpack the box as soon as you settle in your new place and have all your clothes ready to use. Wardrobe boxes are quite solid and sturdy, some of them can hold up to 100 pounds or more. This means that you can literally put as much clothing as you can inside. The empty space at the bottom can be filled with your shoe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are affordable; depending on the size you receive good quality for your money. If you buy wardrobe boxes online you can find discounts and purchase a pack of a few. Many websites offer to buy back any boxes you haven't used. A wardrobe box is usually half the size of your wardrobe, so if you have a full wardrobe of clothes, you will probably need two wardrobe boxes. Many people choose to keep their boxes long after the move and store there their seasonal clothes. This is a great way to keep everything ironed, hanged and arranged, instead of putting your winter clothes in various places. If you need reliable boxes for long-term storage this is your easiest option. Try not to put any heavy items inside - wardrobe boxes are made for lightweight items like clothes, blankets and linen. If you put something too heavy, it will be too hard to carry, or it will most certainly tear the box beneath. Be reasonable and make sure you have wardrobe moving boxes for your coats, jackets and formal dresses. It is worth the investment, since you can use them after as well.

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