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Overseas Removals - Tips on How to do it Right
Published on Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Overseas Removals - Tips on How to do it RightMany people take the big step of moving overseas due to their desire to live their dream of sunny warm weather, shorter working hours and a more relaxed lifestyle. Actually moving abroad is not necessarily that relaxing, since the entire overseas relocation is a huge undertaking, requiring a big budget and careful preparation. It is a stressful experience which has to be handled correctly. So how does one get the process of an overseas relocation right? Here are some helpful tips on how to cope with it.

Sort your money and finances out

When you're moving overseas don't forget to exchange your money into the right currency and make sure you have enough cash for tips or buying essentials straight after the move. Plan your budget reasonably, but don't forget that an overseas removal is quite different from a local or interstate one. You can save some money on packing and unpacking, for example, but the major removal should be left to a professional removals company.

Learn the language

This sounds like an obvious requirement, but most people who move overseas are too busy buying a home, sorting finances and paperwork, packing and saying goodbye to their friends and family. This is why learning the language usually stays behind in their plans. However, it's essential to master at least a few key phrases. Don't expect the local removals company to communicate with you in a perfect international language. Moreover, there are many situations in the first few days of the moving when you will need the local language or at least parts of it.

Choose the right company for the job

When you are facing an overseas removal, there are many things that could go wrong. Choosing the right company you can trust is a must. Most companies which specialize in overseas removals will take your belongings and transport them to the new place. The best way is when you can hire a company to do the entire move, but sometimes you have to depend on two companies - one local and one abroad. In order to make the right decision, check the company's references online and ask around. A word of mouth recommendation is usually the most secure one.

Ensure that your removal is insured

Insurance shouldn't just be another "to do" thing on your list of tasks, it should be on top of your list and dealt with as early as possible. It's vital to make sure your belongings are covered during the move. You have to be prepared even for the worst case scenarios, so know your rights and require a good insurance policy.

Don't over pack

Take with you essential items for you and your family, as well as passports and leave the rest to the removals company. You can avoid the stress of packing and moving by making a list of items to take with you on the plane.

Confirm your dates

Make sure the removals company knows the exact date of the removal. You can call the company a few days in advance to confirm the day and time. As long as you trust the company there is nothing to worry about and stress over.

Other essential tips

If you are travelling with children, talk to them well before the trip. Make sure that they know where they are going and what to expect. Same applies to moving with animals - don't change their daily routine and choose the least stressful way for them to be moved.

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