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Tips to Make Moving Stress-free with Pets
Published on Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tips to Make Moving Stress-free with PetsPets should be treated as members of the household so they should also be prioritized during the moving process. It can be a tough ordeal when you are faced with supervising the movement process and you will hear your dogs barking as the movers do their jobs inside the house. Pets are not used to people moving in and out of the house, thus it is but normal for them to act strange. Thus, it would be best to also get your pets ready for the big move by doing the following:

(a)    Take the pets away from the moving scene. Moving can cause stress not only to you but your pets as well. It will definitely make a big difference if you will have someone take care of them first like a close friend or relative living nearby. Otherwise, you can take them to a pet sitter or a pet boarding house while you deal with moving.
(b)    Keep them safe on an empty space at the back of the house. Dogs should be safely tethered, while other pets can be kept temporarily inside a cage. Once packing and loading is done, you can take each of your pets with you as you move to your new house, which they can also consider as their new haven as well.

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