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Moving Plants
Published on Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Moving PlantsThe process of relocation is not limited only to your furniture and belongings. There is something very delicate, fragile and precious that also need our care and attention - our plants. With the flowers our home comes alive and creates a unique atmosphere.

However, you should be aware that moving plants could be life-threatening for them. Some plants could wither even if they are slightly moved in the same room. Exposure to light is also essential for their living. That is why you have to know in details all the requirements about their growing. If you have very pretentious plants then you'd better consider the option of offering them to your neighbors rather than carrying them further with you. Think about your new home - is there enough space and light for your plants there?  Probably you need your favorite plants around you but if you really care about them find the best living conditions instead of destroying them while moving.

Generally it is better not to water the plants before moving. Keep the medium barely moist to avoid spilling. If necessary transplant the plants in appropriate pots. Take care of that two or three weeks before the move. This way the plants will be able to adapt to their new home. Ceramic pots and planters are at greater risk of breakage that the plastic once. If you want to keep your beautiful ceramic planter then simply dig the plant out of the soil and wrap its base with plastic bag. The planter itself you can pack separately much more safety than with the plant inside.

Prior to packing put enough soil round the roots of the plant in order to keep the moisture longer. Use brown paper or even newspapers. Wrap up the plant and the pot firmly. Make sure that you have covered the free space inside the pot and under the leaves. Stick the paper with a tape. Thus you will not waste any soil and the plant will be stable while handling.
If your plant has a bunch of long leaves you can tide them up together to prevent from breaking.

Now you can place the plants in boxes. In order to secure the bottom you can put some more newspapers and then start arranging. Carefully place the plants in the box and remember to fill the open space between them. You can use foam or other packing material for that purpose. Do not press them too much.  If you use a cupboard box it is a good idea to make some holes for ventilation. When you are ready just seal the box.

If you are carrying the plants yourself with a car do not place the boxes into one another.  Possibly move them individually. Set the boxes upright and if you have the chance to remove the lid you will allow your plants to breathe and to enjoy the light. Do not water the plants during transit. Be careful with the environment in your vehicle - lack of fresh air or extreme temperatures can damage the plants.

Once you get to your final destination unpack the plants as soon as possible. Take them very carefully out of the box. If you have transplanted them it is better to wait for a few days before planting them again. Now you can water them but moderately. Remove the dead leaves and add some more soil if necessary.  Seek for the most appropriate place for the plants without moving them too much.  Remember to treat them as living creatures, gentle and sensitive. Grow them with love and care!

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