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Removal Companies for Office Relocations

Most businesses aspire for expansion. With greater opportunities comes greater profits. If you have hired too many employees and piled up too many records, these are good problems you can have. All of these translates to success. It also means you can do something about your present position. Moving can be one of the most exciting but stressful times in the life of a business owner. Aside from ensuring all the important things are covered, you must also continue to operate the business even as you set up a shop.But this should not always the case. With a competent removal company by your side, you will be able to finish your removal in less than half the time it would take non-professionals to do the same work. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a removal company in your office relocation.

1. Less worries

Fact: Moving an office whether it is across the stress or across the country can be very stressful. There are so many things to worry about-- moving costs, paper works, downtime etc. But by hiring a removal company to help you out, the laborious packing, transporting and unloading of materials can be slashed out of your 'worry list'. Let the experts do their job, so you can focus on what you can do best.

2. Peace of mind knowing your valuables are secured.

Imagine how would it be like if you choose to rely on your employees' services and vehicles in moving your expensive office equipment and furniture. What would you do if an uninsured item accidentally gets damaged? What would happen if you or one of your employees got injured during the transit? These are certainly not good thoughts but they can happen. By hiring a removal company, not only will you save yourself from possible injuries, you are also assured that all your possessions are covered in the removal company's insurance policy.

3. Option of full service office moving.

If you can't spend so much energy packing and arranging your belongings, you can opt for a full service moving. A full service package usually include packing, loading, unloading and even arranging your items once you reach your new office.

4. Simple transaction

It is such a breeze to book a removal company. All it takes is a phone call and a little direction. After settling on an agreement, the office removal company you hire will take care of the rest.

 6 Tips When Moving to a New Office in London

Often, moving to a new office in London is even harder and more stressful than moving to a new house or a new apartment. Other than packing all your office equipment, you also have to think of organizing your people and making sure that all your important documents are in order. There are ways, however, to make moving to your new workplace in London easier and less stressful. Consider the following tips to help you prepare for your new office and reorganize your staff during and after the move.

1. Create a timeline and stick to it. Moving to a new office is harder than moving to a new home because time means money. If it takes too long for you to get your office up and running, then this translates to a huge income loss for the company. The best way to make sure that your company gets organized quickly is to create a moving calendar and to urge everyone to follow this schedule strictly. Print out a copy of the moving calendar and give this to department heads so they can brief those under them.

2. Study the floor plans of your new office. Go over these plans with your interior designer and plan out where to section your departments as well as where to put your managerial team. Plot out how to section large rooms to include smaller ones.

3. Measure your furniture and items and plot these against the floor plans of your new office. You wouldn't want to move everything to your new location only to find out that nothing fits! Measure desks, chairs, dividers and cubicles. See if these fit into the layout of your new office. If there are items that don't fit, consider selling them and getting new ones for your new workplace.

4. Communicate and coordinate. This is important, especially if you have a large workforce. Brief all your department heads about the details of the move. It's also good to talk to your movers to let them know your exact plans. They have to know where to put all your equipment and furniture when they finally move your boxes into your new place.

5. Study or research how to dismantle and reassemble electrical equipment. Some office equipment and items need special care or processes before they can be moved. Make sure that you and your people know how to dismantle and pack electrical equipment so that they're still operational after the move. Remember to keep small parts in appropriate bags and label them properly. Don't mix up parts and items, for proper identification.

6. Organize important documents and files. Contracts, tax declaration forms, proposals, business permits and other documents need to be kept orderly. Assign one person who you can trust to be in charge of these. Make sure that he keeps them secure and safe. It's also advisable to use a safe to keep all your essential files.

Moving can be very stressful, especially if you are moving your company to a new location in London. Don't let the difficulties of moving hinder the growth of your office. Keep the tips listed above in mind to help you make a smooth transition to your new workplace.

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